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LIFE IN A BED OF ROSES: A message from Cathy

My friend and gifted healer, Alexander came for tea the other day and was sharing how the thousands of people he sees in and outside of his practice are disconnected from their own unique nature, and what a profound effect it has on their health and happiness. He explained how a way to be re-connected to our true selves and our well-being is through engaging all our senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. More than the “flower of the month”, the extraordinary rose provides us with the opportunity to powerfully connect to life using all of our senses. In this issue we will create a pathway to your heart strewn with roses for a loving connection to yourself and others.

INNER BEAUTY: “Good, good, good, good vibrations...”

We can enjoy the attributes of the rose with all of our senses. The glorious sweet aroma; the beautiful full blooms of color; the velvety soft petals; the fragrant flavor, and the uplifting sound, which though too subtle to hear, still affects us.
“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” Every living thing is vibrating with a “life force” which can be measured in vibrations per second or “hertz”. The human body vibrates at between 29 and 90 hertz; fresh foods: 20-27 hertz; and essential oils 52-320 hertz. Our state of well-being is being influenced by all kind of frequencies that surround us each day. It has been demonstrated that we can change lower depressed feelings and negativism with the application of essential oils carrying higher frequencies.
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OUTER BEAUTY: You can smell the roses without stopping...

Aromatherapy baths, massages and facials; aromatherapy candles and diffusers are wonderful ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils but all of these methods require that we stay with a practitioner or in one environment to use the oils. We often need to manage stress and keep up our energy and concentration, when we are on-the-go, and aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect solution. It is a safe and elegant way to experience the essence of rose (or any fragrance) wherever you are. In addition to being portable, here are 5 advantages it offers as an alternative to applying oils directly to your skin or to your clothing.
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