Green Holiday Gift Guide

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Green Holiday Gift Guide
Here is a short list of some great gifts to consider for the upcoming holiday season

Aromatic Jewelry and Accessories

Winner of Fashion Group International’s 2009 Rising Star Award AROMAWEAR® Aromatic Jewelry and Accessories are designed to protect health and renew well-being. The elegant sterling silver and steel designs double as portable diffusers, delivering the therapeutic benefits and pleasures of scent while being worn as stylish fashion accessories. This collection includes lockets which can be attached to existing jewelry pieces and a patent-pending business card case that scents the cards carried in it.

A personal spa-to-go, AROMAWEAR’s wick technology allows one to interchange essential oils and fragrances, and control the intensity and duration of their diffusion. Proprietary wick cases allow for storage of scented wicks between uses, and the ability to create a personal assortment of pre-scented wicks that travel with you and be used as needed (or removed to enjoy the jewelry fragrance-free) A free set of wicks and a case comes with each purchase to use with one’s own aromas.

A solution for those with “skin sensitivity” to scent, one can enjoy long lasting fragrance without contact with skin or clothing.

Founder and Designer Cathy Gins created AROMAWEAR® following a career in design and merchandising management as Global Design Director of Avon’s jewelry and accessories businesses and as VP of Merchandising at The Monet Group. Pursuing a life-long interest in health and well-being, Gins began training in several complimentary medicine modalities including Aromatherapy. Integrating inner and outer beauty she married jewelry and life enhancing aromas. Gins continues to be active in both worlds as professor of Fashion Jewelry Design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and as a practitioner of Aromatherapy; Therapeutic Touch, and other transformational practices.

Many beautiful items are available, prices vary by product. For more information and to order, visit

Erica's Rugelach & Baking, Co.

For this holiday season, Erica's Rugelach & Baking, Co, famous for its award-winning, rugelach & specialty cookies, will be baking for a very important cause—the plight of the disappearing honey bee who is suffering from a devastating syndrome called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Caused by toxic pesticides, used by many commercial farmers, CCD is so widespread that it now threatens the world's food supply.

A purchase of Erica's tempting treats will help to sponsor a "Bee Aware Holiday Fair" (December 12 & 13 hours 11-6) that will feature Brooklyn-based women entrepreneurs showcasing, high quality handmade products including Erica's sweets treats as well as exotic jewelry, cards, textiles, designer clothing, beauty products, soy candles and a variety of bee related products. In a relaxed & festive atmosphere with sweets & savories for sampling, peppered with live classical guitar music, consumers will be able to get educated on CCD and learn how to take action steps.

Praised by top journalists as the "quintessential New York rugelach", Erica's Rugelach & Baking, Co, features a distinctive line of premium quality, freshly prepared bakery treats. Inspired by her great aunt's secrets, Erica's all-butter recipes include raspberry, apricot & chocolate rugelach in two styles (gourmet crescent & traditional cinnamon), coconut chocolate dipped macaroons, hamantashen, almond-raspberry & almond-apricot sandwich linzer hearts, Belgian chocolate brownies & specialty cookies.

Featured in leading specialty markets in NYC, the Hamptons and across the country, Erica's also ships fancy gift tins & specialty boxes paired with organic coffee. Shipped with a personalized message on a beautiful card, this is a present that is totally unique and so unparalleled in deliciousness that the recipient usually calls Erica's directly to order more!!! Wholesale bulk "by the pound pastries" are also available. Please call for special pricing on gift tins & bulk items 718-965-3657 and visit

Me to We Style is a new social enterprise that is committed to providing ethically manufactured, quality apparel for the socially-conscious consumer. Their product line is domestically produced, sweatshop-free and made using certified organic cotton and recycled materials. In addition, 50 per cent of their profit goes to their charity partner, Free The Children, to support development projects in rural and impoverished areas across the globe. Me to We Style has also started a new initiative that began October 5th, wherein for every item sold by Me to We Style, Free the Children will plant a tree in one of their adopt a village communities!
$34.50 (Canadian Dollars)


Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr
By Daniel Orr

"Daniel Orr has always been ahead of the curve in creating market-based sensitive and simply delicious food woven of a sophisticated American fabric." —Mario Batali, owner of Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca, New York, N.Y. and author of Molto Italiano.

For renowned chef Daniel Orr, simplicity is beauty. In his latest book, FARMfood, Orr features recipes influenced by his Midwestern roots as well as a culinary career which has spanned the globe. European-style dishes—inspired by his time in France, Belgium, Italy, and other locales—are paired with big cityflavors culled from years spent as an executive chef in New York City. Add a dash of Caribbean, Indian, Japanese, or Brazilian flavor and you have yourself a plate of “real food.” Orr includes recipes for breakfast, soups, burgers, sandwiches, snacks, appetizers, suppers, and sweets; sections devotedto sauces and seasonings; beverages and FARMpies, his gourmet pizzas. Headvocates the use of honest, wholesome ingredients that are locally and sustainably grown, when possible, and offers tips on wild greens, mushrooms, edible flowers, and create-your-own spice blends. Honor yourself, your community, and your table with FARMfood and take simple pleasure in the true essence and flavor of great food.

Paperback. 276 pages. Indiana University Press (August 2009).
$19.77 at

Conair 1400-Watt EcoDry Styler

Conair cares about the world in which we live. In a commitment to reduce carbon gas emissions, they've designed a dryer to help lighten our carbon footprint.

The new EcoDry Styler is smaller in size and weight. Packaging is 100% post-consumer recyclable material, and uses all soy-based inks, up to 64% less plastic and less packaging material. The smaller dryer and packaging size increase shipping and material efficiencies by up to 33%. The 1400-watt EcoDry Styler uses 25% less energy while still providing the same efficiency as an 1875-watt dryer!

  • 1400-watt EcoDry Styler
  • New heater design
  • Uses 25% less energy
  • Dries as effectively as an 1875-watt dryer
  • Ionic technology
  • Hi/lo/off slide switch settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Recyclable cord tie
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Eco packaging
  • UL listed
  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Unit weight: 1.4 lbs.

$28.99 at

Butterz by Scrubz
All Natural Skin Care Products

Pure luxury and a guaranteed hit for the upcoming holiday season…the folks at Scrubz whip a special blend of natural oils with pure shea butter for a silky oh-so-nourishing skin cream. A little goes a long way and one 4 oz. jar will work all winter long softening the season’s driest skin. A great buy at just $18 for a 4 oz. jar, you can select from the following:

Breezes: This clean towel fresh and spa-like scent is cool, crisp and sweet.

Citrus Burst: Sweet, tart Pink Grapefruit is combined with tangy Bergamot to create this incredibly great new citrus scent.

Lavender: This is a sweet, pungent, floral aroma and is one of the most loved scents.

Natural: For those who wish for no scent, or who might have fragrance sensitivities. Pear

Vanilla: Warm toasty vanilla is blended with sweet, crisp pear for this delightful fragrance treat.

Sweet Milk & Honey: Think of creamy milk, luscious honey and a hint of oatmeal for a soft sweet scent.

Visit for more information on these and many other great holiday gift ideas.

Heart Threads

A simple, yet incredibly inspirational line of shirts with messages of faith, love, inspiration and wisdom printed on the inside of the shirt above the heart. Like an affirmation, wearing a message from the heart fosters a positive attitude, instilling peace and harmony to oneself. Because the messaging is on the inside of the shirt, it is a silent and personal reminder of our daily intention. We can’t think of a more creative, personal, or positive gift to give this season.


Printed on the inside of the shirt, over the heart: What goes around comes around. I will live my life with integrity.







If you are looking for a special gift, one that is truly unique, for a special person on your holiday list, look no further than ($30)

Give the Gift of Compassion: Adopt-a-Farm Animal

This holiday season, we are encouraging folks to give the gift of compassion by adopting one of our shelter animals for their friends and family through our Adopt-a-Farm Animal Project. Our two shelters in Watkins Glen, NY and Orland, CA are home to hundreds of rescued animals in need of loving "parents" to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter and veterinary care costs.

Your gift will provide the necessary support to care for a rescued animal we may not be able to help without you. Farm Sanctuary's shelters are funded entirely by shelter members, so the number of animals we can care for is always dependent on sponsorship funding. Adoption sponsors make a year-long commitment to a shelter animal and make monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual payments.

When you adopt a farm animal for your loved ones, they will receive an adoption certificate with a color photograph of your adopted friend, an adoption card, and other benefits depending on your animal. Monthly sponsors are welcome to visit their adopted friend at the farm anytime.

More information about Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Farm Animal Project is available here: Please contact us by phone at 607-583-2225 ext. 225, or e-mail if you have any questions, or for assistance with your adoption.

Also available: A Year of Compassion: Farm Sanctuary’s 2010 Rescued Animals Calendar

Features soulful portraits of animals given shelter at both of our pastoral farms in upstate New York and California, in combination with the stirring heroic tales of their rescues, this unusual 16-month calendar offers hope for 2010 and beyond. $13.99. Order at:

Special and Handmade Gift by Local Artisans

Etsy is the online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Through a very easy-to-navigate website, the folks at Etsy connect consumers with talented artisans who create all kinds of wonderful handmade goods. Etsy provides these artists with the technology they need to showcase their creations and make a living, offering consumers the opportunity to admire and purchase some truly unique, one-of-a-kind treasures.

The Etsy community actively supports one another in the shared goal of offering alternatives to mass-produced objects. As a full-service website, it works to highlight the true value of handmade goods and their creators and encourage awareness of the social and environmental implications of production and consumption.

Find thousands of great holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.