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Cathy Gins
Founder and Designer

Jeweler to the Russian Court?

According to a medium from Australia who I met at a dinner party in Paris, I was a jeweler to the Royal Russian court in one of my past lives.  If I believe that, it would go a long way to explain why at the age of 5, when all of my friends were playing with Barbie dolls, all I wanted to play with was the glorious emerald ring that belonged to my great grandmother Emilia.  It also might explain why I am such a perfectionist when it comes to design and craftsmanship. Just ask anyone who worked with me when I was the Global Director of Jewelry for Avon, or as a Vice-President of The Monet Group; or ask my current jewelry students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and the jewelry companies around the world who manufacture for me. I am very demanding when it comes to quality, which is one of the reasons people love my work.

An American In Paris

The second my college diploma was in my hands, I headed to Paris with my jewelry design portfolio. Even though I had been making jewelry since I was 13, I had studied sculpture at an Ivy League university to please my parents. Now I was free to please myself. Days after I arrived In Paris I was offered a job designing jewelry for couturier Emanuel Ungaro. Unable to get a work permit, I did what any fearless young American would do...I started my own jewelry business, Bijoux Gins My second year there, Accessocraft, the jewelry company I had worked for during the summers in New York offered me a contract to create my own signature collection to be sold In department and specialty stores nationwide.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse so I headed back to New York.

Land of Freedoms

Back in New York, I added to my repertoire a collection of limited edition jewelry that sold at Sculpture to Wear and the Kruger Gallery. I just loved all of the creative freedom…but eventually I needed more financial freedom. When the opportunity presented itself to be a jewelry designer at Avon, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of costume jewelry… I took it.

Sweet Smell of Success

Also the worlds largest fragrance company, Avon had a history of creating scented jewelry and gifts. Working closely with their chemists and testing laboratories I learned the secrets of incorporating fragrance and essential oils into my designs. This unique experience provided me with the expertise I would ultimately need to create the quality and performance of the Aromawear Collection.

A Different Kind of Art

The more successful I became as a design executive, the less time I spent designing. I missed working with my hands and looked elsewhere for a creative outlet. I found what I was looking for in the healing arts. On weekends I studied Therapeutic Touch, ReConnection Healing, and clinical Aromatherapy. When I first started my training, my friends and family called me "kooky". Today they call me when they aren't feeling well.

® Is Born

There was no turning back. I left the corporate life to devote my energies to developing a healing practice and raising my family.  When my clients left their therapeutic sessions feeling relaxed and restored, I wanted to give them something they could use on their own every day to maintain their well-being. Something beautiful and portable. Something they could personalize and make their own. And so, Aromawear® was born. By combining my talents in the fine and healing arts with my technical expertise in design and manufacturing, I was able to bring to life this special collection of life enhancing jewelry and accessories.

Stay Tuned

There is so much more in store for you at Aromawear.  Sign-up for my Free Newsletter and I will share special tips on using essential oils; on incorporating Aromawear into your fashion wardrobe; more history of aromatic jewelry; and of course news of the latest Aromawear Jewelry and Accessories.


18K Gold Vermeil Collection
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» Royal Locket
» Royal Bracelet
» Royal Key Ring
» Card Case

Sterling Silver Collection
» Secret Locket
» Royal Locket
» Royal Bracelet
» Royal Key Ring
» Card Case

New and
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» Royal Radiance Locket
» The Enchanted Necklace
» Pure Gold-14 & 18K

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