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Interview with Cathy Gins of Aromawear

by Raphaella

Cathy, please tell us exactly what is AROMAWEAR® ?

AROMAWEAR® is a unique collection of sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry and accessories that will gently diffuse the scent of your choice when fragrance is applied to the disposable wick inside. While one can find branded fragrance items that are pre-filled with a scent that cannot be changed or refilled, and don’t diffuse, AROMAWEAR® is designed to deliver “your fragrance” experience in “your style”!
The benefits of AROMAWEAR personal fragrance diffusers include:
  • Controlling the intensity of your fragrance and how long it lasts
  • Continuous enjoyment of your fragrance without having to re-apply
  • Changing your fragrance without washing off a previous one
  • Wearing fragrance without irritating your skin or staining clothes
  • Experiencing fragrance as it was designed by eliminating the addition of your natural body oils
  • Experimenting with fragrances by combining them onto disposable wicks instead of your skin
  • Sampling a fragrance for hours or days versus a few minutes on a scent strip

AROMAWEAR’s® versatility is not limited to fragrance! You can personalize these simple and elegant pieces with engraving, and the pendants have a special bale to attach to chains from our collection or yours.  A totally personalized gift for anyone…and one size fits all.

You were a successful designer, had your collections sold in department and specialty stores nationwide, you were the Global Director of Jewelry for Avon and Vice-President of The Monet Group and had a great deal of technical expertise in design and manufacturing…and then you discovered that you also loved the healing arts such as Therapeutic Touch, ReConnection Healing, and clinical Aromatherapy.  When did you make the decision to merge the healing arts with jewelry design?

As a client first and a wellness practitioner later, I realized that we are all looking for ways we can take care of ourselves.  As wonderful as it is to have someone give us a treatment or lead us in a class, we need to be empowered to manage our own well-being, particularly if time or resources are limited.

Over the years I have tried lots of techniques to manage stress, maintain vitality and feel balanced.  Some things I can discipline myself to do alone, but most not.  When I discovered aromatherapy, I thought it was too good to be true. It was such a pleasure to smell the aromatic essential oils I couldn't believe it was actually good for me. One of my mentors said that the best wellness practice is the one that you will actually do…so, when you find a practice that is also a pleasure to engage in, you are much more likely to reap the benefits.  Most aromatherapy products require being in a private space where you can soak in a bath; light a candle or set up a room diffuser.  What about those of us who need our stress management, energy boost, immune system support (and so much more) while we are on the go or living and working in a shared space?

That was the Ah-Ha moment…when my years of Avon experience creating personally fragranced jewelry delivered the ideal solution: portable and fashionable personal fragrance diffusers that one can wear and completely control.  Aromawear may look just like classic jewelry, when in fact it is a simple but empowering tool to manage ones well-being. 

So, if it’s too hard to practice your stress-busting mantra during a rush hour traffic jam, just pop a calming fragrance in your Aromawear and chill.  Or, if you are starting to nod out in a meeting, or are surrounded by seasonal germs, or you just want to feel great…chose the fragrance that will work for you.  Who said being responsible for your well-being has to be hard work?

I love the design of your fragrance lockets-so many perfumers use an older Victorian style of jewelry-your pieces are stunning and modern, please tell us, how exactly do they work with the fragrance inserts?

As you mentioned, I have spent most of my career in the Fashion Jewelry arena, and continue to teach that program at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  While my jewelry is inspired by the beautiful scented accessories of the 19th century, I wanted a simple and elegant look that would work well with today’s fashion trends.  One can express their personal style with these timeless designs by attaching their pendants to other chains, ribbons or beads, making it funkier, dressier or just plain casual. 

You can see some of these looks in the September/October issue of my newsletter Well-being in Style at  http://www.aromawear.com/newsletter.htm in the piece on “Outer Beauty” .

I have also updated the fragrance diffusing technology to use renewable and sustainable resources.  While 19th  Century scented accessories often used a tiny sea sponge as a wick, I have replaced that will 100% wool felt wicks. Wool is the most absorbent natural material available today.

The technique of applying fragrance on the wicks, and having a perforated locket type compartment to hold the infused wick remains the same. One simply applies a fragrant liquid onto the wick and inserts it in he compartment!

Tell us about the fragrances that one can insert with the special wicks...

That’s easy... ANY and ALL!  Beginning with a clean wick, you can apply any liquid fragrance. This includes essential oils, perfume oils, fine fragrances and colognes.

The amount you will put on your wick will depend on the concentration of fragrance or oil you are using; how strong you want the fragrance to be; and how long you want it to last. Be creative..go ahead and mix fragrances! One piece of advice though..write down what you put in your blend because if you like what you did you will want to re-create it again.

And you will be attending the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball?  Where can we find you?

Of course…wouldn’t miss it! I will be one of the presenters on October 25, and will also have AROMAWEAR with me for purchase.  I will also be attending one of the sessions on the 26th as well, and will have order forms with me that day.

Look for me. I will be wearing the collection, and happy to let you try it on.  If we don’t connect that day... you can find me 24/7 at http://www.aromawear.com/

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