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award winning aromatherapy jewelry and accessories

AROMAWEAR is the perfect personalized Holiday gift of "well-being"
for every fragrance lover on your list this season!

This beautiful collection of aromatic jewelry and accessories will diffuse any fragrance from your own fragrance wardrobe! Cathy Gins, Founder and Designer of AROMAWEAR, was one of the presenters at the recent Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in New York.

In her presentation she reminded us that “pleasure is very healthy for us”. While stress will weaken our immune system, pleasure can provide the state of relaxation in which our body can restore and rebalance itself.

Fragrance as stress-buster…sounds good yes?
How to get more pleasure from your fragrance?
She shared this feedback from her customers:



The Top Three Reasons Fine Fragrance Users Wear Aromawear

#1  No need to re-apply

Fragrance applied to the highly absorbent wool wick will be time released so it will last longer, (like when our mothers used to spray fragrance on a cotton ball in and tuck it in her bra)

The gradual evaporation will allow provide the experience of a fuller range of fragrance notes for a longer duration.

#2  Total flexibility and control

One can change fragrances as often a you want by easily switching out the wicks.

Personalize the intensity and exposure to fragrance by choosing from different Aromawear styles, and by the amount of fragrance applied to the wick.

Turn on/off your fragrance by simply removing the wick, or the jewelry itself.

#3  Solves skin compatibility issues

For people who don’t like the way certain fragrances smell on their skin.
For people who have skin sensitivity to fragrances.

Besides being personalized from the inside with ones choice of fragrances, you can make your gift even more personal with elegant custom engraving.
And don’t forget, pleasure is a recognized stress-buster so don’t forget to buy at least one for yourself!


We couldn’t help but notice that Cathy, a serious “Sniffer” along with the rest of us at the Fall Ball was getting the best of the fragrance sampling experience. While we were all spraying fragrance in the air, on our arms, or on scent strips and moving quickly into olfactory overload (which makes it difficult to make a fragrance purchase decision), she was quietly creating a fragrance sample library to experience at home and to share with others. When her turn came to spritz, she aimed the nozzle onto the super-absorbent wool wicks that are used inside all Aromawear pieces. Each wick had already been placed into an individual pharmaceutical grade “wick case” which was immediately snapped closed. With her pen, she quickly noted the name of the fragrance on the blank white label on the top, dropped it into her pouch, and moved on to the next scent that captured her attention.

The wick cases, part of the Aromawear line, were originally intended to let customers create a set of pre-scented wicks to carry with them so that they can change fragrances though out the day, or store wicks which are still moist between wearings.  Using the wicks and cases for sampling has turned out be an unexpected bonus. Any of the fragrance sample wicks can be popped right into an Aromawear piece and you can wear the fragrance, and see how it develops over time without making a commitment. For those who want to try it on their body, just rub the saturated wick against your skin…and start sniffing!

How to get these wicks and their cases?

This season, Aromawear is offering “Sniffers” a special gift with purchase: 5 wicks with wick cases and labels in an organza pouch with any Aromawear jewelry or accessory purchase, a $6.00 value FREE. Just enter the promotional code SNIFF at check out.  For really serious Sniffers looking to build a fragrance sample wardrobe for keeps (or to share), Cathy has created THE BIG SNIFF jumbo pack with savings of almost 50%!  The package includes 100 each of 100% wool wicks, pharmaceutical grade wick cases; write on labels plus a bonus organza drawstring carry pouch..all for $59.00.  This offer is available by clicking on the Aromawear banner on the Sniffapaloza website here.

PS. The stores don’t mind your making these samples. You will be spraying anyway!
The bonus packs will be available on November 15

18K Gold Vermeil Collection
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» Royal Locket
» Royal Bracelet
» Royal Key Ring
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» Royal Locket
» Royal Bracelet
» Royal Key Ring
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» The Enchanted Necklace
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