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1. Snakes On A Plane and No Essential Oils!

Last week I was on 10 planes in 5 days. It was not the most favorable time to fly ...

--Prevent Travel Sickness

Whether its turbulence in the plane or turbulence in the stomach, there are a few essential oils that can help. I would use either peppermint, DiGize, or ginger. The best way is by rubbing them on the stomach or taking a drop internally (I would touch the side of the cap to get small amount on my finger and then touch it to my tongue).

What to do now that we have to fly without our essential oil bottles? Here are some creative solutions to flying without oils:

--Dowse yourself before you leave the house. Anticipate whatyour needs might be. Protection - White Angelica; Respiratory Care - RC, Raven; Lower Limb Swelling - Aroma Life.

--Make baggies for your oils. Take cotton balls and saturate with your favorite travel oil. Place in a zip lock baggie and mark it accordingly. Carry in your purse, carry-on, computer or briefcase.

--General oiling-up. For all around well-being, to feel grounded and centered, and when in doubt use Valor on the bottom of your feet.

--Use Rose Ointment on top of your oil application. It helps to seal in the effects.

--Travel with Thieves Wipes. The bad news is we can't carry on Thieves Spray. The good news is we can carry on Thieves Wipes.

--AromaWear. This gorgeous jewelry is designed to diffuse essential oils on your person. A great alternative to carrying our bottles with us. Call Cathy Gins for special information on this high quality essential oil jewelry at 212-255-5126 or go to http://www.aromawear.com

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